Dec. 31st, 2016 09:16 am
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So with all the stuff going on over at LiveJournal, I figured now was as good a time as any to back up my journal here. I've got entries going back to 2002 which I'd rather not lose, so the importer currently has them queued to move over here.

I might try to start keeping a regular journal again, but lets face it, I've tried that so many times and always lost interest in the past!
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So I was tempted to change my journal's tag-line to "Whore of Westeros", but then I remembered sometimes my mum reads my LJ and I believed Jaime when he told Tyrion that she was not really a whore.

If I'm ever lucky enough to meet George R. R. Martin, I have to ask him where her name came from. Coincidence, some other Tysha, or if he had seen my journal given that we both use LJ (and my username was Tyshadragon for years before I changed it).

Anyways, off to bed to dream of dragons...
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My trio of oversized Pop! Vinyl dragons ^_^ Gold Smaug is still on back order.
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My reading material for tonight. This gorgeous collected edition of In Search of Lost Dragons :)
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My first Fates Reforged booster pack and I end up with the rare dragon of the set! I don't even normally buy Magic: The Gathering cards, usually I just steal all the dragons from my partner who plays ^_^

Gum Drop

Jan. 3rd, 2015 11:03 am
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Fear me, for I am cute and shiny!!
I commissioned plexusdynasty on deviantART for this Tysha "Gum Drop" and it was waiting for me this morning ^_^

One of my 2015 resolutions is to commission more Tysha!Arts, as it makes me happy :)
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Lego Smaug is so awesome :)
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I'm really regretting coming off my antidepressants right now. I don't think the time of year has helped any, but this cold I'm suffering with is really making me feel like crap. I've lost my xmas weekend off work too, I was supposed to get boxing day off as I'm working new year's eve, but now I'm having to do both, plus I'm working Sunday because otherwise Mandy would be on her own. They tried to call me in today (Saturday) because someone phoned in sick, but I refused to go in. If I make myself worse today, I'll be in no fit shape for the shift tomorrow.

I didn't really want to start off regular posts on my LJ again with such an unhappy entry, hopefully things will pick up in the new year.

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Holy monkeys, it's a Tysha on LiveJournal.

Well, it's been over a year since I last posted here. Shame on me!

Very quick sum up: was still working in the Asda pharmacy, then became very ill, got diagnosed with crohn's disease, ended up in hospital, had surgery, getting better, going back to work tomorrow! Other than that, same old, same old really.

Being stuck in hospital made me realise how I've become really out of touch with the community. I ended up being really active on Facebook while in there because it was the easiest way of staying in touch with work colleagues, but since getting out of hospital I've been back on G+, deviantART (not actually doing any art though...), draconity.org and now I'm back here too. I would be on tumblr as well, but we're a few episodes behind with Agents of SHIELD in the UK and I'm avoiding spoilers!

Of course, now I'm being more social online, my laptop has decided to die. So I rely on my desktop during the day while Anthony is at work, and my tablet in the evening while I'm watching tv with him. I'm going to see how the LJ app compares to using the web browser on my Note, it says it was designed for phones so I might be better off just using Chrome. (Oh, that's not a good start. It just crashed opening a post... looks like I will be using Chrome after all.)
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I finally got the news I was waiting for yesterday, I start in the Pharmacy full time on Feb 4th. I signed my contract yesterday, my hours have been increased to 28 a week (from 18.45) but there will be overtime going. So no more grocery, top-stocking steps, heavy boxes or queue-busting (going on checkouts)!

I love being in the pharmacy again, I've been helping out over there for the last few months as well as working my grocery shifts. It's been tiring at times but totally worth it.
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] flamingwars & [livejournal.com profile] zyleeth, *hugs* to you both :)
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Manor House Wildlife Park

BBC Cymru Roadshow (Mostly Doctor Who stuff).
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Postcards were mailed out yesterday :) Everyone who replied to my previous LJ post can expect to find one showing up (hopefully) soon. The card staying in the UK has already been received which is a good sign.

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Jul. 1st, 2011 10:48 am
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I picked up a large book of first class stamps this morning when I went out for my prescription so I can send off some postcards from Porthcawl, because as most of you know I love sending and receiving postcards, so if you'd like one drop me your address :D

I've screened replies to this post (and double checked I have) but you can PM it to me via LJ or email it to me instead if you'd rather :) Like I said, I have access to my email and LJ while I'm away so as long as I get a reply before Friday I can get a holiday card on it's way to you.

phone test

Jun. 30th, 2011 09:59 am
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Going to try posting an entry from my phone. I've gotten quite quick at typing on this tiny keyboard now although my .'S sometimes come out as m's because - forget to hit the alt key. I can normally spot it in time to fix though.

Although I normally have access to LJ via Anthony's iPad when we're on holiday it can be a nightmare getting it off him sometimes. Knowing I can use my phone too is good.

Right, let's see if this posts this time ...

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The girlyfluffs go on holiday today, they are going to go and stay with my mum & George for a week. I set up a twitter feed for them after seeing there are quite a few bunnies on twitter, you can find it @BunnyMidiZeld (http://www.twitter.com/BunnyMidiZeld). Once I get an SD card reader for my laptop it will be easier to get my photos on there, at the moment I'm having to get them off via my desktop, then transfer them to my laptop to post.

And now Anthony is shouting at me to finish getting them ready to go so I better log off the lappy!
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Well I've had my new, new laptop for nearly a week now and I've had no problems so far *touch wood*. It's great having a lappy that doesn't take 5 minutes to start up and shut down (ok slight exaggeration but it felt like it took long) and Windows 7 is so much better than Vista, it's happy to talk to my XP machine.

The only downsides are that there is no SD card reader, but I'll just go and buy a USB one, and my scanner won't work with it, but I think that's a compatibility issue with the scanner and Windows 7. It IS a rather old scanner.

Very busy at work at the moment, I'm in for a seven-day stretch before my birthday break and with Deb and Claire both off at the moment I'm the only one on the health & beauty department. On the upside our sales score doesn't seem to be suffering at all, we're still beating our oscar target (I won't try explaining that here, but it is a Good Thing).
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PC World phoned back this afternoon and left a message on the answerphone. They found it was a hardware issue and they will give me a full refund or replacement. So we'll go sort that out on Sunday as I'm working tomorrow.
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New laptop is back with PC World, they want their technician to take a look at it before making a decision. The guy who served me thought it might be a software issue which apparently isn't covered by their refund policy. If it is the software it must be Windows because it's been giving me problems since I first turned it on. If they try to give it back to me without doing anything I'll bite them, well demand refund, there is no way I'm going to take it back in it's current state.

So I'm back on old, slow lappy for now. Thankfully it's struggling on.
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If you follow me on Twitter you'll have seen I've bought myself a new laptop as my old one is very close to dying (the battery sounds like rice krispies, it crackles), but it's been causing me problems with crashing a lot.

It seems the main reason it's crashing is because I've been trying to install the driver for my scanner. I checked the Windows 7 compatability site and my scanner is one of the few Canon scanners that comes up with 'no info available', so I shall give up on getting my scanner to talk to my new lappy. It's going to be inconvenient but I still have my desktop machine so I won't be completely without a scanner.

I have 21 days from the Saturday I purchased the laptop to get a refund so if it continues to give me problems it will be going back. I've been taking photos whenever it crashes so PCWorld can't turn around and claim there is nothing wrong with it when it starts up without a problem.

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