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I'm so glad I went out yesterday, the weather today is being really horrible.

I think I've done everything I had to do this month so I'm feeling a bit pleased with myself :) All my art trades and exchanges have been completed and turned in, I remembered to cancel a direct debit I really didn't need, sent my change of bank details to the DWP for my benefit money and I got Tony's birthday pressie delivered on time (before actually but that's much better than late!)

With us moving at some point (still don't know when) I'm not going to do the dragon exchanges this month, I think I'll wait until I'm settled into our new place, and I've also closed trades over on DA for now. Anthony has a plan for a nice computer/library/crafting room for me but, of course, that all depends on the house we get.

And a nice Vanguard-related surprise this morning, I got onto the Infineum Server Leaderboards :D I'm also ranked 11th for Work Order Success Ratio across all crafters on all servers, or 5th if you just count Outfitters. Not sure how long I can keep that up though, I have 3 other crafting characters I like to play.
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I'm now up to date with CSI, well as up to date as I can be without downloading episodes via the net. Its probably a good thing I did watch Ep4 on my own, there was rather a lot of Greg-related squeeking.

Anthony accepted the offer so now we are just waiting for the paperwork to come through then he can hand his notice in at his current job. We're waiting for that before we start celebrating. We still won't be moving for a while tho which gives me loads of time to realise I have far too much stuff :D

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Feb. 10th, 2007 09:58 am
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Just a screenshot from Vanguard taken last night when Anthony, Tony and I had finished a few missions together. Combat is far more fun in a group :)
Simi, Kelsaka & Foxx
In order, left to right, Simi (Anthony), Kelsaka (me) and Foxx (Tony)

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