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Insomnia has its advantages, for example [livejournal.com profile] jacel inadvertently waved the link to this at me:

I've reached comic 104 and I'm still finding it very funny :D

And the rain came, still far too hot to put Tanis' hutch cover down so he's snuggled up in the back of his hutch. Hopefully he'll have a more comfortable day, neither of us enjoy the heat.

[Life] Heat

Jun. 9th, 2008 09:14 am
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Another hot day, and I'm not dealing with it very well. I'm going to have to learn to do so because I know its going to get hotter. Tanis is doing ok, his hutch is in the shade, has plenty of water and gets to run around the garden in the evenings when its cooler. Last week I met the two bunnies I'll be looking after from Thursday, Greg and Boo. They are both male, around 5-6 years old and huge (compared to my little Tanis). I'll try to remember to get photos of them.

I've spent part of the weekend researching for the dracopedia, my desire to work on it comes and goes, like everything else I do. I still haven't compiled the notes scatted amongst many notebooks, I know they would be more useful typed into the computer but I much prefer writing rather than typing. I wonder how the OCR program that came with my scanner would handle my writing.
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The lazy sofa bunny

Yesterday was nasty outside so I got to come in and play on the sofa for a bit, mummy Tysha got her camera out again.
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ATCs added to [livejournal.com profile] tysha_arts

Today was supposed to just be a check-up and nail clipping for Tanis but when we got to the vets surgery they pointed out that Tanis was down for a myxo vaccination next month. As we are so close to the end of the month I got it done today instead of having to make another appointment, its not going to do him any harm. So vaccination-wise he's fine for another 6 months. Plus, thanks to the vet, the next one is free because its Vaccination Month for pets, we nearly missed out on that. I get to take him back in 3 months time for just the check-up, which should also be free under the bunny clinic membership.

But anyways, Tanis is in perfect health and was a good little boy during the appointment, even if he did climb up onto my shoulder again, it made the vet laugh. The injections don't bother him at all, if I'm holding onto him he's happy just to sit there and take it.

I did some reading up on house training bunnies when I got home but I know Anthony isn't too thrilled with that idea. I think the amount of rabbit-proofing we'd have to do puts him off. Its just on nights like this, wet and windy, I worry about him being outside. I shouldn't really, after all I did spend quite a bit of money on getting him two hutch covers, one to keep the heat in, or out during the summer, and one to keep him nice and dry.

Anthony and I have planned a nice quiet weekend at home, good thing really as I have 4 beanie dragons to sew together plus a few pictures I want to get down on paper.


Mar. 26th, 2008 10:54 am
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Love me! <3

Yes, Tanis trying to be adorable again whilst lounging around on the back of the sofa :)
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Because I hate hearing about all the bunnies who are abandoned after easter because their owners can't be bothered to look after them, it really breaks my heart :(

Ok, this might be a little strange coming from me because I'm allergic to chocolate, but hey, I'm an oddity!

Oh, and yep, that's my Tanis, and no, I didn't let him eat the chocolate. He has his own bunny-safe egg to eat at the weekend :D
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So I have my nice new run now and its big enough for mum to sit in here with me. She's had her camera out again...
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On second thought...

Nyerhe!!! [Lowers hind quarters for another spell]

From Cute Overload! :)

My own little bunny (and his bum) is tucked in. Its raining again but he has a waterproof cover to keep him nice and dry, and I filled his hay holder too, should take him at least 10 minutes to empty it again :D
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Saturday started as a lazy day at home while we waited for Tony to come over, Rida traded me some Pokémon to play with so I spent most of the morning on my DS. When Tony had arrived we all went over to the Harvester for a meal (they do a gorgeous chicken, bacon and cheese stack which I love) then headed to the cinema to see The Simpsons Movie (spider-pig, spider-pig, does whatever a spider-pig does...)

On sunday the three of us had a wonderful time over at The Big Cheese festival. We wandered the castle, saw a falconry display, tasted various foods and drinks, brought dragons (wait...that was just me) and enjoyed the sunshine.
Photos from the Big Cheese at Caerphilly

The falconry display was by the people from Black Mountains Falconry Centre in Abergavenny and with Anthony having thursday off work we're planning on going over there for the day. They do falconry courses for £45 (half-day) or £85 (full day) so I'm going to start saving my money in the hope of being able to do one of them in the future.

Yesterday I took Tony into Newport on the bus and we did a bit of shopping before he headed back to Bristol. I'd picked up my prescription from the doctor's surgery on the way home and popped into Asda to get it filled. Stupidly I put it in the bag I was carrying at the time which happened to be one with Tony's shopping in. I completely forgot about them and so the bag went back to Bristol with my tablets still in it! Hopefully it won't be a major problem, I'll pop over the docs tomorrow and tell them what happened and with luck they'll give me a new prescription. Thankfully its not either of my 'important' tablets so if I have to go a day or two without them I'm not going to suffer.

I'm still suffering from a really, really bad head, and spent most of the afternoon curled up in bed. I got woken by someone cutting their grass and ventured back downstairs. When Anthony came home we gave Tanis a bath, I got some really dirty looks off him but he needed it. I wish I'd taken photos but I was more concerned with getting him clean then dry. I'll go grab some more painkillers and a mug of tea in a few minutes.

But first I want to figure out why I can't upload photos to Facebook, I want to put the Big Cheese ones on there.
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Its 3.30pm and I'm not curled up in bed, I'm tired and my head hurts but its not bad enough to send me running to the duvet ... yet. I see this as a positive thing, I hate being completely useless for a few hours every afternoon.

I didn't get to go swimming on tuesday morning as planned, my benefit money was late because they finally paid it into the right bank account (took them 4 months to get it right) so I had no reason (and no money) to leave the house. Thankfully it appeared in my Halifax account late wednesday morning but Anthony decided he'd like to visit the pool too so we went for a splash/swim last night. I paced myself a bit better this time and didn't kill the muscles in my arm. They had the wave machine on for a little bit which was fun and it wasn't too crowded.

I did pop into town this morning, Anthony wanted a Wii game holder and I had to pick up Sean's birthday present (his b-day is the day after mine). Of course I popped into Asda on the way home and came out with something I wasn't planning on buying (its a really bad habit!) a pair of shorts. They are the same style as my combat pants and should be perfect for paddling in the sea over at Barry Island. I can't remember the last time I actually wore shorts, its very rare for my legs to see sunshine as I'm normally in jeans, trousers or a long skirt.

Anthony is thinking of taking some time off from work next month so we can have a little holiday at the Gower. Tanis gets a holiday too, his spare hutch is over at Mum's so we'll be packing a little suitcase for him to stay there for a few days. I'm a little funny about who gets to look after my furry baby but I know Mum and George will take very good care of him.

As I ordered some stamps from the Royal Mail online shop their new releases booklet showed up this morning. The Harry Potter set does look really nice so I might treat myself to this. I don't usually bother with First Day Covers but I'll make an exception for these :)

Geez, its taken me 40 minutes to type this! I am sooooo slow these days.
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Thanks to a wonderful suggestion by [livejournal.com profile] zeng_li Tanis now has his own journal:

[livejournal.com profile] tanis_bunny

Bunny photos and updates will be posted there from now on :)
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Last one for a few days, I don't want to annoy anyone with the many photos of Tanis :D
Tysha & Tanis

"Eep, how did I get up here?"

My bunny likes to climb me when I pick him up, he tends to head to my shoulders so I'm wondering if he thinks he's a parrot?
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I'm slowly getting the other photos uploaded, they will be here when I'm finished :)
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How do I get out of here?

In order to give his hutch a good clean I often pop Tanis into his run for a bit. I can't wait to get the garden secure, I'm sure he's going to love having such a large open space to play in :)
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This was taken a few days ago but I've only just remembered to post it!


I felt surprisingly alive this afternoon. I went for a wander over to Tredegar House, which is a 15 min walk from my house, to see the ducks and wander around the lake for a while.
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Now I'm back home I'm feeling shattered so I'm going to curl up with a mug of tea and watch a bit of CSI before Anthony gets home :)
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The bunny made me do it!!

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