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BBC - Audio Slideshow: Newport SuperDragons is a short audio and visual guide to the SuperDragons project.
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I've just posted even more Newport SuperDragon photos! (Link will take you to where the new ones start).

Annoyingly my camera batteries died while I was taking shots of the MiniDragons in Boots so I gave up and went to my appointment in the Jobcenter. I have to go back in to town to sign-on on Thursday so will go with fresh batteries and hunt down the dragons that are calling the Kingsway Centre home.

This, however, is totally heartbreaking = Vandals damage five SuperDragons. Since the story was published in the paper this morning, a sixth was noticed to also be damaged and has been taken into the Den for repairs. I did stop by the Den before coming home but it's closed to visitors.

I have to admit, I am kinda glad I didn't get my SuperDragon design completed in time to send in. I'd be absolutely devastated if the dragon I'd worked so hard on got wrecked by some moronic kids with nothing better to do with their time.

The SuperDragons team is so devoted to the project though, and have been wonderful at responding to the dragons in need.

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