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Welcome [livejournal.com profile] copterdr1 :)

During our trip up the mall yesterday Anthony brought me the valentine's day stitch, for those wondering about the cuteness I've posted a pic below :)

After shopping for a bit we went over to the Vue to watch Hot Fuzz. Its a very funny film, rather British, but there were 2 really gory bits and I hate gory films. Then we all went over to Tony's to play on the Wii, watch tv and have takeaway. We watched what could be the funniest Never Mind the Buzzcocks ever, where one of the celebs (who I didn't know) walked out part way through and a member of the audience got grabbed by Bill Bailey to take his place. My mowbli man was on it too which made me happy (Ed Byrne but I call him my mowbli man, I know, its weird).

And Anthony has just come up to ask me if I want to head to Asda with him so I better get this posted and come back to finish it later... That was a good trip to Adsa, I picked up a very comfy pair of combat trousers/pants, some jeans and a few t-shirts.

Anyways, on friday Anthony got a phone call from the company he interviewed for saying they are going to make him an offer. We have no idea what the offer will be as the guy with the answers had left for the weekend, but he should know tomorrow. If he takes it we will be moving over to Newport eventually, he has to work a month's notice and wants to be settled in his job over there before we leave Bristol.

And I've completely forgotten anything else I was going to say, so I guess I'll end it here.

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