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So with all the stuff going on over at LiveJournal, I figured now was as good a time as any to back up my journal here. I've got entries going back to 2002 which I'd rather not lose, so the importer currently has them queued to move over here.

I might try to start keeping a regular journal again, but lets face it, I've tried that so many times and always lost interest in the past!
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So I was tempted to change my journal's tag-line to "Whore of Westeros", but then I remembered sometimes my mum reads my LJ and I believed Jaime when he told Tyrion that she was not really a whore.

If I'm ever lucky enough to meet George R. R. Martin, I have to ask him where her name came from. Coincidence, some other Tysha, or if he had seen my journal given that we both use LJ (and my username was Tyshadragon for years before I changed it).

Anyways, off to bed to dream of dragons...
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Insomnia has its advantages, for example [livejournal.com profile] jacel inadvertently waved the link to this at me:

I've reached comic 104 and I'm still finding it very funny :D

And the rain came, still far too hot to put Tanis' hutch cover down so he's snuggled up in the back of his hutch. Hopefully he'll have a more comfortable day, neither of us enjoy the heat.
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For those who know [livejournal.com profile] dracodragon5, he has a new forum, Scales n Fuzz. Its a very new forum so its not busy yet, but I promised to pass on the word. :)
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From: http://englishrussia.com/?p=1966

In Krasnoyarsk, Russia they are obsessed with creating dragon-cars these days. It became a real mania among some of the youngsters of this city.
Photos behind cut )
I agree with one of the comments made, they look more like the Alien (from the films) than dragons to me too.
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more cat pictures
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This made me smile when I first saw it:


If you're a follower of feng shui, then the Lucky Dragon phone should be right up your alley. Apparently, it was designed to "generate auspicious energy every time you hold and use it", and "activates good chi every time you make or receive a phone call." Sounds pretty dodgy to me, as calls from bosses at midnight rarely herald good chi, Lucky Dragon phone or not. This handset is available in Singapore, retailing for S$168 with a 2-year contract or S$668 without.

From: uberphones
I guess its pretty, although a bit too 'bling' for my tastes, but I don't receive enough calls on my mobile to affect my chi. Still good energy everytime I get or send a sms message would be nice :D

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Doru's Dragon posted to [livejournal.com profile] tysha_arts
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I am such a sucker when it comes to free gifts with tea bags!

Anthony and I had planned to get the cuddly Horton when we saw it advertised on tv, however, Asda hasn't had them in stock until today, but when I got to the tea isle I saw PG Tips had monkey tea-towels and dvds of their mini-movie (which we caught at the cinema at the weekend, its pretty funny). So I ended up getting a box of that too. Not that its really a problem, with the amount of tea we get through they will get used up long before their expiry date!

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A little random I know, but very cute too: Adopt a Who.

I read the book and watched the animated cartoon of Horton Hears a Who years ago so I've been looking forward to the new movie coming out. I just hope its as wonderful as I remember.

A person's a person, no matter how small.
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I'm now a freelance operative alpha-1 working for Torchwood. First mission completed but now I have to wait for next wednesday to get my second one.

(Its a game created to run alongside the Torchwood tv show. My apologies to those outside the UK that haven't watched it yet, it was a great episode! You don't have to see the episode to join the game and its non-spoilery.)
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I forgot to post this earlier in the week, I made these last friday :)

Dalek Cookies!

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Spotted this while shopping in Cardiff on Sunday:

No sign of the escalator of chaos though...
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If you don't like spiders or their webs DON'T click this link.
Giant Spider Web in an East Texas State Park.
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Yay second saturday of the week! With Anthony and Tony being off work yesterday it felt like a saturday. Along with Kate we went out for a meal at Frankie's and Benny's last night, it was the busiest I've seen it so far but we still didn't have a long wait for our food.

Then we all dumped ourselves at my place to watch tv but Tony decided to be artistic as he was sitting on my sofa (which is home to a lot of my drawing stuff):

Tony's tower (taken with my camera phone which is why the quality isn't great)

It was all very silly but we are kinda used to that now :D
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There are some unusual things on eBay!

Real or not it does look good and would be a nice novelty item to have, but thankfully I can't afford it :D
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Ooooh carpet!

And for those who liked the kanji pictures my mum made for me, I've uploaded some of the dragon cross-stitched pictures she's also made into my LJ scrapbook thingie.

She says she's told my brother to look at my LJ so **hiya little bro!** (although he's not really little, he's only 2 years younger than me). I'm going to get the xmas photos developed once I get the film out of mum's camera, there should be cute pictures of Jack on there :)
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Busy, busy, busy!

Okies, so far this morning I've been to the surgery for a jab, post office to send out 2 parcels and Boots to get my prescription. Then I got back home and cleaned out my bunny's hutch, gave her a good brush, hung up the washing to dry and made a cup of tea.

Now I'm looking at the pile of junk by my computer desk and trying to convince myself that it is a good idea to sort it out. Guess the sooner I start the sooner I'll finish.

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