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Manor House Wildlife Park

BBC Cymru Roadshow (Mostly Doctor Who stuff).
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Some photos I took on my walk home this morning, I needed to pop out to get a bit of shopping:
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A few weekends ago Anthony took me to St. Fagans National History Museum (aka The Museum of Welsh Life). It is a rather large place, many buildings of interest have been relocated to the museum grounds including a small Celtic village.

There are some really nice carved dragon chairs in the main museum, a Welsh dragon dress, and a large ornate harp. Of course I took photos of all the dragons :)
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We need to go back at some point, we only managed to see about half of what they have there.

I got my manga from Waterstones, but only 1 of the 2 volumes was ready to pick up. We popped into the Childline store to say hi to Anthony's mum who volunteers there on a Saturday and I spotted Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britian, a Reader's Digest book from 1973. Its a bit battered but all the pages seem to be there, so that's another one for the hoard.

Anthony brought Dragon Wars today so we're watching that at the moment. The CG beasties look pretty cool, especially Buraki and the Bulcos, although the Dawdlers screamed Gungan shield generators at me (Star Wars Ep 1, BSWGE!) I kinda wanted to take part in the destruction of Los Angeles, it really appealed to my "Raah, Stomp, Crush" side :)

And now I've fallen in love with the celestial dragon. I really enjoyed the film and am very glad I've seen it now, but then I love myths and legends. We're watching the special features now.

BSWGE! = Bloody Star Wars gets everywhere! Something I seem to say a lot, I blame Kate, but only because I can.
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Because I hate hearing about all the bunnies who are abandoned after easter because their owners can't be bothered to look after them, it really breaks my heart :(

Ok, this might be a little strange coming from me because I'm allergic to chocolate, but hey, I'm an oddity!

Oh, and yep, that's my Tanis, and no, I didn't let him eat the chocolate. He has his own bunny-safe egg to eat at the weekend :D
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Just a quick post as I'm heading over to Chepstow in a minute.

Photos from Greenmeadow Community Farm

As Tony, Kate & Sean were over this weekend we decided to go visit the farm. Thankfully the weather was kind and didn't rain although we did get rather muddy on one of the woodland walks. It was a really nice day out.


Aug. 11th, 2007 10:26 am
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My new camera arrived yesterday :D
It seems easy enough to use, I've not broken it yet, and Photoshop Album likes it so at least all my photos will end up in the same folder.

To celebrate this, and my hair cut, there are 2 photos behind the cut )
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I've had such a lazy day today, I didn't crawl out of bed until 9.30 but then we did stay up late watching CSI & Heroes. My heads been bugging me so I haven't been out yet, I'm really hoping it doesn't get much worse as we're going to the manga evening over at Waterstones tonight. I love a good excuse to buy manga plus we get free Tokyopop goodie bags and I've been promised free pocky (I've never had it before but I'm sure free is the best kind!)

We went off to Cardiff on saturday while our friends were over and I got a great pair of slippers

So far I've managed to avoid falling down (or up) the stairs in them.

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Now to go find my pocky!!

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