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Ever posted something to a mailing list only to find it a year or so later, having completely forgotten about it?

I did today, I was searching for Isedon's original druatch runes post and found this:

"To me my ninah is much more than that, he is my life outside of my own, the reason I live, the reason I dream, he holds my soul, my heart and my mind within him. He is everything to me and I am everything to him. Unfortunately the human who is holding my ninah's soul doesn't know. To him we are just friends, nothing more. It is so hard for me to be around him because I can feel my ninah within him but I cannot talk to him about it, he accepts my draconinity but this would just be too much for him. If he remembers it has to be on his own, and I will wait forever for him."

I feel sad I had forgotten about this, nothings changed and I still feel the same but back then I was a lot more open about myself and I wonder if its a bad thing that I've closed myself off more and more as time has passed.

And maybe these are just the sleepy ramblings of a tired daekar?
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In the attempt to try to figure out how I travel from earth to Illsyndra and the rest of the astral realm I drew a picture to show my forum:

Its not very good I know, 3 mins using Paint Shop Pro mind, but it kinda shows what I think is there.

Anyway the brown blob in the first box is meant to be earth, the arrow is the travelling between earth and the astral, the blue blobs are different realms in the astral (yep one of them is meant to be Illsyndra, but I'm not telling which one *grin*), and the space between them is eshvan (which I think is what others call the 'veil').

Of course, there could be lots of other 'boxes' of realms that link with earth, either going through something like eshvan or not, and there could be other planets that link to and from them. But then I could be totally wrong about the whole thing! Just because I can visit the astral and Illsyndra doesn't mean I totally understand how I can.

(Then I tried to explain Illsyndra...)

Oh and a little bit about Illsyndra, it is part of the astral realm not a seperate place away from the astral even though its shut off from the astral *, Illsyndran dragons are astral dragons in effect but because our ancestors were physical dragons we have evolved to be somewhere between the two. Arrrggghhh its very hard to explain! We have a mass and form which can be very slightly shifted but we cannot get rid of it altogether, except in the case of me but in a way I have a new physical body so I can survive even though my original body probably wont (they are still working on my problem with that).

* = Imagine a locked room in a building, the room is still part of the building but most visitors cannot get into the room because it is locked. Illsyndra is that room and the astral is the building. Does that make any sense?

(It probably doesn't, it was much easier when it was just 'home'. I have a feeling humans try to over analize everything whereas I just accept things for what they are. If I want to go to Illsyndra I just travel to eshvan, go through it, and head for home, simple as that!)

Ah well, all this thinking has made my head ache, I'm gonna wander downstairs and spend some time with Anthony before he has to go to America (two weeks on my own!). I'm gonna miss him, I've gotten so used to his company it will lonely over here.
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I had an interesting 'visitor' yesterday. I had just sat down at the computer when it felt like someone was trying to scan my brain (its a very strange sensation) I instantly strengthened my shields and it retreated a little bit. Then I heard a voice say "Another one? are you trying to take over the humans or something?" then it was gone. I didn't sense anything else that evening but I wonder what is going on and who that was.
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I've decided to use this live journal as a way of keeping a diary of strange or unusual things that happen to me during the day. I know I really should write everything down just in-case it becomes important in the future but I often don't find time!

Anyway this morning, at about 7.30am, I heard someone mindspeak 'I can't believe you really live here!' to me. Curious I asked them who they were and what they meant. It turned out to be Allifana, a dragon I used to know back home. They had finally finished the gate (portal) they were planning to build.

**Useful background information** Illsyndrans use a gate system to go from one place/plane to another, they look like stone archways. When they are being created their destination is 'built' into the gate so they can only go to one place. Some of you might be thinking Stargate but it is quite a bit different.

Anyway, this gate was supposed to open onto earth, they though it might make it easier for others to visit me and for me to contact home, unfortunately they got the calculations slightly wrong and ended up on what I think is probably the moon. Allifana showed me a mental picture of where he is and it looks very similar to the moon but as I've never been there I cannot say for certain.

The council decided to scrap that gate and try again, problem is it takes about 8 ta'kaya to build a gate so they won't be able to try it for quite a while. Guess it just goes to prove that even the greatest of us can still make mistakes!

I will add that I seem to be able to contact home a lot easier now than I used to, I'm not sure if its going to last though.

Anyway, thats all the excitement I've had for today so far, I've got friends coming over soon so I better sign off now!

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