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I've just finished watching the recent DragonLance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight animation, the one with Kiefer Sutherland and Lucy Lawless as voice actors, and I have to say I'm rather underwealmed. I don't think the combination of CG and traditional animation meshed very well, the draconians and dragons who were done in cg looked really out of place. Some of the scenes felt really rushed too and, personally, I felt the pegasus section looked really bad.

The 2 special features are not worth talking about so I'm kinda glad we didn't spend a lot on money on it, was under £9 at Asda. Anthony spotted it, I didn't know it had been released yet, really lost track of the news.

In other news, Anthony has very kindly given me his cold, he does like to share :P So headaches, heat and a cold, I can see next week being a lot of fun.
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WTF is the Department of Work and Pensions trying to do to me??

This morning I got a letter telling me I wasn't going to get my Jobseekers Allowance after the 30th of April because I've not been signing on. Well duh! You sent me a letter telling me my Jobseekers Allowance had ended on the 29th April. I even went into the Jobcenter on the 14th May (my signing on day) to see the disability adviser who was surprised I'd kept the appointment with my benefit stopping, so I didn't sign anything. Sadly they were closed today so I couldn't annoy them whilst I was in town. I'm not sure I want to spend a day trying to get through on the phone about it, they'll probably just say the second letter was a mistake.

I picked up my book from Waterstones, yay for getting an extra 5 points on my WS card because I had my own bag. I've got £6 worth of points now, might treat myself to something nice :) I picked up 2 'learn Welsh' books as well as a few kid's dragon novels from the Library. They also have one of the Welsh Dragon books I'm after available in the reference section, which I've not been to before. Its a cheap way of seeing if its worth buying but going to leave that til I'm on my own or at least have my notebook on me.

I spent most of the afternoon in bed, more tired than headachy but it does hurt. Waiting for food to cook so I can take my painkillers, they need food otherwise they'll kill my stomach. I'm also waiting for Doctor Who, the second episode of a 2-parter, if the football overruns and makes it start late I will NOT be a happy bunny. England are not playing, we don't care, put some decent telly on!!
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Yesterday it was my 3-month chiropractor appointment, it was both good and bad. The good is that my spinal abnormality is doing fine, the left side needed a bit of extra tweaking but overall movement is good down there. The bad is that my left shoulder and neck are pretty screwed up, he did some work on it to try to ease it but recommends I go to get a sports massage to free it up some more. I get to go back again in 3 months for more treatment.

Today I made pre-Valentine's day muffins for Anthony, sorted out all the washing and washing up, snugged my bun-bun, had an argument with my sewing machine (again), and did a bit more digi inking. So now I'm feeling really lazy and have crashed out in the sitting room with my lappy and the tv.

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] teriath
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Its a good thing I know this cold will eventually go, not being able to swallow without pain is a nightmare.
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My body has surrendered to the cold bug, I'm unimpressed.
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Saturday started as a lazy day at home while we waited for Tony to come over, Rida traded me some Pokémon to play with so I spent most of the morning on my DS. When Tony had arrived we all went over to the Harvester for a meal (they do a gorgeous chicken, bacon and cheese stack which I love) then headed to the cinema to see The Simpsons Movie (spider-pig, spider-pig, does whatever a spider-pig does...)

On sunday the three of us had a wonderful time over at The Big Cheese festival. We wandered the castle, saw a falconry display, tasted various foods and drinks, brought dragons (wait...that was just me) and enjoyed the sunshine.
Photos from the Big Cheese at Caerphilly

The falconry display was by the people from Black Mountains Falconry Centre in Abergavenny and with Anthony having thursday off work we're planning on going over there for the day. They do falconry courses for £45 (half-day) or £85 (full day) so I'm going to start saving my money in the hope of being able to do one of them in the future.

Yesterday I took Tony into Newport on the bus and we did a bit of shopping before he headed back to Bristol. I'd picked up my prescription from the doctor's surgery on the way home and popped into Asda to get it filled. Stupidly I put it in the bag I was carrying at the time which happened to be one with Tony's shopping in. I completely forgot about them and so the bag went back to Bristol with my tablets still in it! Hopefully it won't be a major problem, I'll pop over the docs tomorrow and tell them what happened and with luck they'll give me a new prescription. Thankfully its not either of my 'important' tablets so if I have to go a day or two without them I'm not going to suffer.

I'm still suffering from a really, really bad head, and spent most of the afternoon curled up in bed. I got woken by someone cutting their grass and ventured back downstairs. When Anthony came home we gave Tanis a bath, I got some really dirty looks off him but he needed it. I wish I'd taken photos but I was more concerned with getting him clean then dry. I'll go grab some more painkillers and a mug of tea in a few minutes.

But first I want to figure out why I can't upload photos to Facebook, I want to put the Big Cheese ones on there.
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Guess I ought to post about my week so far...

On Sunday we met up with my mum & George at Chepstow market. We had a wander around despite the rain and mum brought me a lovely dragon head pendant from one of the stalls there. In the evening we went to see Hairspray at the cinema, which I enjoyed more than I thought I would. For those thinking we go to the cinema a lot, we both have Unlimited cards. For £11.99 a month we get to see as many films as we want. Anthony sometimes has to go on his own thanks to my head, but with an afternoon nap and painkillers I can usually manage an evening movie.

Monday I had my appointment with my new chiropractor, as much as I'd love to keep seeing Jake having to visit Bristol each time would get very expensive. But Emma was nice, my lower back isn't too bad, which is where my abnormality is, but my upper back and shoulders are not good at all. She did some work on them there and then but I have to go back for more on monday.

As we've not tried any of the fish & chips shops by us yet we got takeaway on the way back home and curled up in front of the tv. Sadly the only takeaway within walking distance of home is the MacDonalds in Asda, which is fine for when I've been into Newport and want to grab a happy meal but neither of us are MacD fans.

Yesterday I ended up in Asda twice, I forgot the milk the first time around. I got a lovely new pair of boots, they come up to just below my knee and are decorated with buckles. I've pretty much worn my other boots to death, they started leaking on Sunday. I also worked on some ATCs trying a bit of an abstract dragon theme, I just need to finish colouring them and I'll post the scan.

At the moment I'm in Horizons building up a plot for keeping t1 goodies on, I plan on making it available to everyone in the new dragonkin guild I've joined. If I can get the carpentry finished today all I have left is the stone and metalwork. I love working on plots, its my favourite part of the game.
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Oh, and I got a phone call from Game yesterday, a copy of Pokémon Pearl and a strategy guide will be ready at 9am on Friday for me :)
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Its 3.30pm and I'm not curled up in bed, I'm tired and my head hurts but its not bad enough to send me running to the duvet ... yet. I see this as a positive thing, I hate being completely useless for a few hours every afternoon.

I didn't get to go swimming on tuesday morning as planned, my benefit money was late because they finally paid it into the right bank account (took them 4 months to get it right) so I had no reason (and no money) to leave the house. Thankfully it appeared in my Halifax account late wednesday morning but Anthony decided he'd like to visit the pool too so we went for a splash/swim last night. I paced myself a bit better this time and didn't kill the muscles in my arm. They had the wave machine on for a little bit which was fun and it wasn't too crowded.

I did pop into town this morning, Anthony wanted a Wii game holder and I had to pick up Sean's birthday present (his b-day is the day after mine). Of course I popped into Asda on the way home and came out with something I wasn't planning on buying (its a really bad habit!) a pair of shorts. They are the same style as my combat pants and should be perfect for paddling in the sea over at Barry Island. I can't remember the last time I actually wore shorts, its very rare for my legs to see sunshine as I'm normally in jeans, trousers or a long skirt.

Anthony is thinking of taking some time off from work next month so we can have a little holiday at the Gower. Tanis gets a holiday too, his spare hutch is over at Mum's so we'll be packing a little suitcase for him to stay there for a few days. I'm a little funny about who gets to look after my furry baby but I know Mum and George will take very good care of him.

As I ordered some stamps from the Royal Mail online shop their new releases booklet showed up this morning. The Harry Potter set does look really nice so I might treat myself to this. I don't usually bother with First Day Covers but I'll make an exception for these :)

Geez, its taken me 40 minutes to type this! I am sooooo slow these days.
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Heh, that blood test made a right mess of my arm!

This was taken yesterday (but I was lazy and didn't upload it til now), it looks a little better this morning and stretching my arm isn't as painful.

In other news my birthday markers arrived today so now I have even more colours to play with :) Its a shame I'm going to spend today sorting out stuff for a car boot sales on sunday, but I've got next week to concentrate on arts. But before all that I have to go to Asda and do some shopping.
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After a lot of consideration I've decided not to apply to college this year. The course I finally decided on, Body Massage, requires me to be in good physical health and I'm not. I'm planning on going swimming every Tuesday morning over at the Newport Center starting next week, so hopefully by this time next year I'll be a lot fitter and hopefully healthier too.

My head has been a right pain today so I didn't get on my PC to do some digi colouring, there are times when I know that it would be a Bad Idea and only make me worse. I would do it now as I'm feeling a bit better but Anthony wants to go see Ocean's 13, maybe if I'm not tired when we get home.

And I know its Thnks fr th mmrs but Kate and I call it the monkey song, if you're confused watch the video :D
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Yay, my high score on Find Mii is now 78 levels! Shame that's on my Mii over at Tony's, I'll have to try to do it again on my own machine now.

Find Mii

Yep, I had to get a rubbish score so we could see the hi-score table again :D I've sent the screenshot into the official nintendo magazine so maybe one day I'll see my name in print.

This morning I headed over to the chiropractor for my 6-month torture session (although it hardly hurts at all now) so that's out of the way until july. Jake says my back is in pretty good shape now :) All I have to worry about now is this bloody head of mine!

Still no sign of my calendar from CafePress, at this rate I'm only going to get 11 months worth out of it. I'm hoping it arrives before I go out on wednesday, the package should contain some badges and I want to give one to Cloakable. I've also decided what to do with the greeting cards from there, but I'm keeping that a surprise ;)

I have a few more doodles to do for that meme and I ought to get started on some of the contests I want to enter over on DA, so to the sketchbook!
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Yay, I got through today without needing painkillers, I knew it had to ease up sooner or later. So thanks to that I managed to get my latest trade piece finished earlier today:

I still need a lot of practise with Photoshop colouring but I'm getting there slowly.

I'm currently watching the new series of Battlestar Galactica and I have no idea what is going on, I think missing the first 2 seasons is probably to blame :D I would watch something else but Anthony is away for work and he'll want to see it when he gets back home on friday.

Oh and 5 days 'til 24! I became an honourary CTU agent sunday night thanks to Sky One. Getting a phonecall from CTU, txt message from Jack, and emails from Chole and Bill was rather amusing. I think its only open to UK residents but if interested you'll want to go to CTUagent.com and enter D9D 5JJ as the password. I've not had any spam text messages yet but it wouldn't surprise me if some show up later.

With my head being bad I've been unable to do any serious work with my runes for a while, but tonight I should be able to carry on with that project. I'll post results (if any) tomorrow. I learnt the hard way that trying to work with a bad head is a really Bad Idea.
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I am alive, just been feeling pretty down lately, mostly caused by this cold bug that refuses to go away. At the moment I'm feverish, got one very cold hand and one rather warm hand ('cos that makes sence!) and have a lump of nastyness in my throat which I can't for the life of me cough up.

But I *will* get better, I have to.
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Typical, I get that wonderful burst of inspiration I was waiting for and my blasted head decides to cave in. I don't recall the last time it was this bad, and I was really hoping I was on my way to getting better. I'm gonna go curl up with tea, painkillers, my sketchbook, notebook and pen. Hopefully I can still manage something useful today.
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As he's seen it now (its sitting on top of his tv) this is the little dragon I made for Tony as a housewarming gift.

Although I don't think he reads my LJ anymore. I've done a few pencil sketches too but nothing worth posting yet.

My headache attacks have been getting longer and worse :( Spent sunday and monday crashed out on the sofa, could not gather the energy or enthuasm to do anything. I had my last lot of dry needling today, it doesn't seem to have helped any so there isn't much point in continuing it.
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WARNING: Contains Gnarlyness

I'm not a happy bunny :( My head decided to ruin my afternoon and evening yesterday and is playing up again today. I've had to take painkillers 3 days running now which I have been trying to avoid (last thing I need is to get hooked on them). I've been trying to make an apointment with the doctor but the stupid automated system only books for up to 48 hours in advance (I think) and keeps telling me there are no appointments available. If I go over to the surgery in person, they just give me the phone number of the automated system! I have to see her this week to work out which tablets she is going to be putting me on.

For some reason the noise my harddrive makes when its turned on has started to become really annoying. I managed a little bit of Horizons yesterday before it made me feel really ill and now its doing it again. So it looks like I can't use Zig to distract me from my headaches anymore.

Oh well, I'm gonna go check on Ryo then take my sore head and dizzyness and go crash on the sofa downstairs. Tony's lent me series 5 of the West Wing and although I have trouble following the plot sometimes it does make me feel a bit better having it playing (probably a company comfort thing). Tea also helps, even the decaf blends, and marmite crisps *yum*.
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I did have quite a to-do list planned for today but I'm currently burning up and shaking like a leaf. As I'm not allowed to chop my head off I'm gonna take 2 paracetamol and head back to bed, hopefully I'll be feeling better later.

Edit: the painkillers did their thing and I do feel a bit better now, just got the stinking headache to try to shift.
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I have a funny feeling I might not be doing much tomorrow :)

I have a chiropractor appointment at 5.30 today and Jake is going to be manipulating my neck and my back plus doing some dry needling too. I've never had all three done on the same day before. I think I'll have a nice soak in the bath this evening, that should help easy any gnarlyness.
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Not coughing so much (mostly thanks to the medicine I have) but I am so very tired. I might take a sleeping tablet tonight just to give me at least one good night's sleep this week.

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