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My trio of oversized Pop! Vinyl dragons ^_^ Gold Smaug is still on back order.
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My reading material for tonight. This gorgeous collected edition of In Search of Lost Dragons :)
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My first Fates Reforged booster pack and I end up with the rare dragon of the set! I don't even normally buy Magic: The Gathering cards, usually I just steal all the dragons from my partner who plays ^_^
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Lego Smaug is so awesome :)
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To prove to my mum that I finished it!
Red Dragon

She brought me the kit of this little dragon ages ago but I've only just gotten around to completing it.
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Edit 10/10/09 - I commissioned [livejournal.com profile] zyleeth for this wonderful reference sheet. Tysha hasn't changed at all, Zyleeth is so much better than me when it comes to digital work :)

Name: Tysharina
Gender: Female
Type/Species: Illsyndran Daekar

Description: Bodyshape is that of a western dragon.

Scales are a mottled blue and green colour. They are lighter after shedding and become darker throughout the year, by winter they look mostly a dark green colour. I know I'm a pain to colour so any blue-green will be ok. The underside of the body, from chin to pelvis is covered with tougher green scales.

Head has a mane of black hair running from the top of head, between the ears and down to the shoulders. No horns, spikes and the like. Eyes are yellow with black pupil. Ears are webbed.

Wings have three 'fingers' each covered with fine scales the same colour as the body. The wing sails are thick, stretchy, white skin. The outside edge of the sails is smooth and undamaged.

Front paws have four fingers and a thumb and are able to hold items without too much of a problem. Back feet have four toes.

Tail is plain and ends in a gentle tip.

Personality: Happy, rather silly, playful.

Likes: Reading books, chasing butterflies, shiny things, colouring with pencils, playing on the beach.

Other pictures: My attempt at a reference sheet
Art of Tysha by others (deviantART link)
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Another card done. I'm really pleased with this one, I don't often draw oriental dragons so this was rather fun :)

(This is also a kinda 'still alive' post. I've not posted many public entries recently.)
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The third and final card for my trade with Lepidodendron. My scanner completely murdered the wonderful greens :(

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The last of my trade cards for now, I can start on the requests :)

This one is Lapis Lazuli for YunikoYokai-Keitorin over on dA.
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deviantART is playing up on me this afternoon so you get to see these first :D

Two more Artist Trading Cards, the first is Haka for [livejournal.com profile] nakase and the second is for Groggarioth

I love doing backgrounds in that style, might take longer but I really like the effect :)
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An ATC for AlaraFirewing over on deviantART. I tried a different pose for this one but I'm not convinced I've really pulled it off...
And this one is Lepidodendron's forest guardian.

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Completely forgot to post this one here.
A trade ATC for Venomeye over on deviantART.

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Dragon's Touch Forum wanted to see pictures of my dragon collection. I had no idea I'd collected so many, and I know there are some missing (like my White D&D one).

Sorry for quality, was taken using my phone.
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Another 2 trade ATCs done, top one is for [livejournal.com profile] drekena and the bottom one is for [livejournal.com profile] golder

Drekena ATC
Golder ATC

Have I said lately how much I love my polychromo pencils? Well I do :D
Border was added in Photoshop and the colours are so much nicer in real life, scanners can be so cruel.
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The first 2 ATC trades for my ATC Dragons Project
Tygon for DaiasWizardryu and Diamond for Splashie

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I've had Karakas on my list of dragons to draw for AGES, finally its been done!


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