Apr. 5th, 2007 09:43 am
tyshadragon: (sitting pretty)
(Barenaked Ladies Are Me, in case you were wondering.)

Concert photos straight from my mobile in all their blurry goodness :D Some of the later ones are not too bad but my phone really doesn't do distance well.

They had the usual t-shirts, mugs and badges for sale but I resisted all that, it would be more stuff I need to pack, but they also were selling USB sticks that they would put the concert onto which seemed such a cool idea so both Kate and I put down the money for one. You pay for it in advance, get a bright orange band to go around your wrist, then collect it after the concert has finished. I hate crowds so picking ours up was a little scary but we got out of there alive.

And there were sooooo many people there, way more than last time we saw them. The Academy isn't such a good venue, they packed us in like sardines. Luckily Kate and I took up a spot by the stairs early on and then realised we could use the staircase to climb up and sit on this box-thing under the stairs. From there we had a much better view by being higher up and sitting down meant my back didn't start trying to kill me after half an hour. Our necks got a little squished but mine is fine this morning.

And no crappy support band this time, they had a support comedian called Boothby who could play (and pretend to play) the guitar. It was rather fun to see members of the band join him on stage for some of the later songs. He was very funny and way better than the band they had last time BNL came to Bristol.

BNL opened with One Week so we were happy. They played some songs from the latest album (Barenaked Ladies Are Me) which I hadn't heard before, I admit I'm not a very up-to-date fan, but I enjoyed them anyway. They didn't play Kate's favourite song, Break Your Heart, which annoyed her or the song that usually makes me cry, Call And Answer, which I was quite pleased about.

Surprisingly my head wasn't so bad during the concert, I'd taken painkillers before it started, but come 4am it woke me up with its stabbing gnarlyness :( I did manage to get back to sleep eventually so I'm not quite a zombie this morning.

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