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Talia the Beanie Dragon
by ~Tysharina on deviantART
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Popped behind an LJ-cut to save your friend pages :)

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Because I forgot to post them Friday:

Beanie Dragon - Vakel
by =tyshadragon on deviantART

Beanie Dragon - 35k Kiriban
by =tyshadragon on deviantART

I'll make a proper post tomorrow. I've had a long day out and need some sleep to get my brain working (ha!) again.
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I've make a slight change with the pricing on my Etsy store. I want to use UK£ but the site only allows US$ at the moment. I've set them all at $19 (which isn't too far off the £12 I want for each) but there is now no shipping charge. I'll keep an eye on the exchange rate and will have to adust as needed.

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Rella is another little flora dragon, with a cute red flowery pattern on her body. Shes a very loving little dragon and very much enjoys hugs. She has a little red heart button on her rump and is 15 inches from nose to tail-tip.

Rella is available to buy from my Etsy shop.
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Fara is a special little flora dragon, with a darker flowery pattern to her body. Shes a sneaky little dragon, wanting to get her nose into everything!

Fara is for sale in my Etsy shop and Magda is also for sale now.
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This is another piece of material from my mum's stash, but this time there are 2 scrap dragons asking to be born from it, Magda is just the first.

I'll put her up on Etsy tomorrow :)
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Patch is a jumble dragon that longs to travel and explore. He's very huggable and needs a loving home to go to.

As soon as I laid eyes on this fabric I knew there was a Scrap Dragon waiting to be born and I'm so pleased it was little Patch. He is 15 inches from nose to tail-tip.

Patch is available to buy in my Etsy shop
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I got some better photos, but he can't really be called a scrap dragon because I brought his material for him.

Dragosaur wasn't sure if he wanted to be a dragon or a dinosaur, so he ended up a little bit of each. He's a combination of fleece and felt fabrics, but is still rather huggable. He has a little dinosaur button sewn onto his side and is 15 inches nose to tail tip.

Dragosaur is available to buy from my Etsy shop.
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Starlet is a rather festive beanie dragon. Her body was made from a fleece throw and her underwings and ears are made from cotton fabric that is printed with stars. She also has a little, golden star sequin sewn on her rump. She is 15 inches from nose to tail-tip.

Starlet is available to buy from my etsy shop.
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Sasha is a rather festive beanie dragons. Her body was made from a fleece throw and her underwings and ears are made from cotton fabric that is printed with little golden snowflakes. She also has a little white snowflake button on her rump. She is 15 inches from nose to tail-tip.

Sasha is available to buy in my Etsy shop.
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I'm so pleased with this lil guy :)

I'm wondering if I should start a separate journal for art-related stuff, probably a community as that's what a few artistic friends have done and it means not having to log in and out again. That way people not interested in my life ramblings can just watch the art and vice versa. Hmm, think on this I shall*.

I also need to think up what I'm going to do for my next Scrap Dragon, Kate wants me to make one called bob, so I need to work out what bob-ish fabric I have :D I'm also hoping the felt I brought on eBay arrives today, that way I can finish off another beanie I have waiting.

(*one of my friends wants me to make a set of Star Wars beanie dragons so now I have a Yoda stuck in my head!)
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Yep, its another one :D

Rather a lot of the material I brought from the local Childline shop has flowers on it but this is the prettiest. The underwings were going to be a darker red but that material decided to fray way too easily for this so I went with the lighter pink, Anthony says it looks better that way too.

These little ones continue to evolve though, this one has pipe cleaners sewn into its wings so they are slightly poseable and no beans in the belly (just stuffed with poly toy stuffing).
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] riax3x & [livejournal.com profile] ggeudraco, I hope you've both had a wonderful day *hugs*

And welcome to [livejournal.com profile] dragarta and [livejournal.com profile] eldarath, I hope my ramblings won't bore you to death!

My next scrap dragon is taking shape fast, I only cut the pieces out this morning and I'm sewing up the head now. After that I just have to sew the head onto the body, turn it right-side-out, stuff it and sew up the gap. Unfortunately I've proved to myself I can get them done in decent time so why the hell have I been so lazy about it?! I will, of course, post photos once its finished, as this one isn't a gift that needs to be kept secret.
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Now Winter has seen this I can finally post photos :D

I'm so proud of this little guy. It was a special commission from Ria for her to give to Winter. I spent far too long putting it off because I was terrified of screwing up the horns, but I somehow managed to get it done and I learned a lot which will hopefully help with future beanies.

Winter's beanie

I'm not taking any commissions for character/fursona/'kin side beanies at the moment, as I get asked a lot. I'm just not confident enough to ensure a good job.
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Yep, some of you have seen this little one already so there is no need to comment if you have :)

Scrap Dragons - Flora
by *tyshadragon on deviantART
And this little Flora has been sold, hopefully she'll be on her way to a new home in a few days time :)

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