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(by armaina)

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You find yourself lying upon the shore of a hidden alcove which you discovered, completely by accident, earlier that day. You knew the shore was close during your travels but, until now, all you had found were jagged cliffs overlooking a rough sea. This bay was truly a gem of the area, unnoticed and untouched by the rest of the world. Your journey has been an arduous one and the lure of basking under the afternoon sun upon the warm sands of the beach was just too enticing to resist.

Your eyelids grow heavy and you decide to give them a rest. The envelope of gentle heat surrounding your body and the soft sound of the little waves breaking onto the shore and recessing back into the sea begin to lull you into a peaceful slumber. Your journey beckons to you but you ignore the pull for now, every traveler needs to rest at some point, you reason.

Just as you feel like you’re about to fall asleep, you hear a new noise off in the distance, something akin to a flag snapping in the wind. You shrug it off as some peripheral sound that you just hadn’t noticed before your senses became attuned with the area. After a few moments you hear it again, closer this time, but you continue to resist your curiosity in favor of hoping to relax. You hear it again for a third time and now it seems like it is practically over your head. A shadow suddenly moves over you and you open your eyes just in time to see the green underbelly of a large creature flying overhead.

Startled out of your reverie, you sit upright and grab the closest thing to a weapon you can find, your walking stick, as the creature makes a lazy half circle and lands about ten feet away from you. You gasp and your eyes go wide, all of your fear replaced with awe once you realize exactly what the creature is. A dragon!

It tilts its head towards you, staring at you with first one eye and then the other, a curious yet very intelligent air surrounding it. You can almost feel yourself getting lost in those beautiful eyes alone, each one a gleaming yellow with vertical, slit black pupils. Your gaze travels along the rest of the creature’s body and, being a bit of a nature enthusiast, you correctly conclude that this dragon is a female.

Her body is shaped as that of a western dragon found in the lore of many cultures, four legs, two wings, and a graceful body from snout to tail. She doesn’t appear to have a dominant color, rather, her body is covered in a collection of mottled blue and green scales. Starting under her chin and traveling down her neck, over her chest and belly, and also along the underside of her tail are thicker, broader scales which are solely green in color.

Your gaze travels back to her head and you notice that she does not have any horns. Instead, she has long, extended webbed ears pointing up in the place where you’d expect the horns might be on another dragon. They are made up of three thin bones, the webbing the same mottled blue and green color of her scales. She then shakes her head and you notice a beautiful black mane that adorns the top of her head and back of her neck from between the webbed ears down to her front shoulders.

The dragoness snorts at you then and you notice her gaze is now on the walking stick that you forgot you were still holding at the ready. You quickly let go of it and then show her the palms of your hands, trying to convey the message that you mean her no harm. She nods her big head in understanding and rumbles softly. Suddenly, the dragon then begins sniffing around the sand nearby. You continue to watch, confused, until she finds what she was looking for and begins digging. After a few moments she pulls up one of the most gorgeous seashells you have ever seen and extends her paw towards you, as if offering it to you. It is then when you get a good glance at her forepaws. You are surprised to see that they are not that much different than the hands of a human. Each contains four fingers and a thumb and she proves that she can easily grip items as she holds onto that seashell. Curious about her hind paws now you take a quick glance and see that each one has four toes.

Cautiously you take a few steps forward, the dragoness growling as gently and non-threateningly as she can to encourage you. Her tail is swishing back and forth, smoothing out the sand behind her, a rather plain tail, long and sinuous, ending in a gently tapered tip. You gingerly take the proffered shell from her paw and then bow to her in thanks. She lowers her head down almost to yours and then back up in a respectful gesture of her own.

She then turns around and spreads her wings while crouching down, getting ready to fly off towards the water. You finally get a good view of her wings, the thick, white sails extended out by a long wing-arm with three wing-fingers on each side. She trumpets happily and then launches into the air with a powerful push from her hind legs, her initial wing beat showering you in a puff of sand. You clear your eyes just in time to see her diving into the water headfirst.

Astonished by the encounter, you stagger back onto the sand and lay back down, clutching the seashell given to you close to your chest…

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(by armaina)
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