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Holy monkeys, it's a Tysha on LiveJournal.

Well, it's been over a year since I last posted here. Shame on me!

Very quick sum up: was still working in the Asda pharmacy, then became very ill, got diagnosed with crohn's disease, ended up in hospital, had surgery, getting better, going back to work tomorrow! Other than that, same old, same old really.

Being stuck in hospital made me realise how I've become really out of touch with the community. I ended up being really active on Facebook while in there because it was the easiest way of staying in touch with work colleagues, but since getting out of hospital I've been back on G+, deviantART (not actually doing any art though...), draconity.org and now I'm back here too. I would be on tumblr as well, but we're a few episodes behind with Agents of SHIELD in the UK and I'm avoiding spoilers!

Of course, now I'm being more social online, my laptop has decided to die. So I rely on my desktop during the day while Anthony is at work, and my tablet in the evening while I'm watching tv with him. I'm going to see how the LJ app compares to using the web browser on my Note, it says it was designed for phones so I might be better off just using Chrome. (Oh, that's not a good start. It just crashed opening a post... looks like I will be using Chrome after all.)
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