Jun. 9th, 2011

tyshadragon: (by the sea)
If you follow me on Twitter you'll have seen I've bought myself a new laptop as my old one is very close to dying (the battery sounds like rice krispies, it crackles), but it's been causing me problems with crashing a lot.

It seems the main reason it's crashing is because I've been trying to install the driver for my scanner. I checked the Windows 7 compatability site and my scanner is one of the few Canon scanners that comes up with 'no info available', so I shall give up on getting my scanner to talk to my new lappy. It's going to be inconvenient but I still have my desktop machine so I won't be completely without a scanner.

I have 21 days from the Saturday I purchased the laptop to get a refund so if it continues to give me problems it will be going back. I've been taking photos whenever it crashes so PCWorld can't turn around and claim there is nothing wrong with it when it starts up without a problem.

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